Eve Labalte

Eve Labalte has been providing expert knowledge on Labour law for more than twenty years, with advanced, specialised expertise in this area, during a period when the restrictions in this area have had a strong influence on the strategic choices of decision-makers.

After having practised for many years under the name of Labalte Avocats, she founded L&KA in 2016 with her long-standing team-mates Vanessa Krespine and Pouya Amiri.

Eve Labalte has worked in partnership with top management and shareholders to develop strategic and daily management projects in times both prosperous and critical. These projects can have a direct or indirect impact on working conditions for employees and on employment.

Eve Labalte provides top management with expert advice for managing their relationships with staff representatives, trade unions, prefects, government commissioners for industrial recovery and all of the key contacts for project management.

In recent years she has supported large-scale projects in diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals distribution, wholesale and retail, POS advertising, plastic and aluminium tube packaging.

Eve Labalte and her team favour joint solutions with unions, elected officials and the French authorities to avoid labour conflicts and deadlock situations.

She maintains close relationships with her clients who have trusted her for many years.