Restructuring – collective redundancies

Strategic developments, economic transformations, technological breakthroughs and market and core business mutations are all drivers of change, either chosen by or inflicted on companies.

Eve Labalte has acquired a true passion for and expertise in supporting top management in leading change.

The firm advises and supports companies through all kinds of projects: reorganisation, redeployment, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing.

In an environment where the legal obligations are both restrictive and changeable, corporate transformations require exceptional management skills.

The firm is the leader’s partner starting from the strategic management phase of the project. It works to meticulously organise the drafting of the economic incentive for the reorganisation (Economic note – Book 2), the impact on employment (Job saving plan – Book I) and working conditions (CHSW note).

Throughout the process, the firm creates a social strategy with the customer, adjusted to the specific context and challenges: relations with the bargaining partners, coaching and support for the social dialogue and negotiations. The firm guides the leaders through the process of taking their restructuring project to their social partners and the labour department, the prefects, and the representatives of all the governmental departments involved.

To successfully complete a reorganisation, leaders must know how to navigate around all the steps required by the regulations. But they also need to understand and take account of the psychological and human aspects of these events, which can shake up the lives of companies, management, staff representatives and employees.

Thanks to her long practical experience, Eve Labalte and her team see both the bigger picture and the minor details, which is a key ingredient for successfully managing change.