Corporate governance and trade agreements

L&KA supports its clients throughout all aspects of corporate governance on a daily basis, providing them with reliable, effective and timely strategic advice.

We supervise the corporate governance of all types of companies, either as part of regular operations (company creation, shareholder meetings, board and committee meetings, appointments and renewing management bodies) or for more sensitive processes (such as organising meetings on strategic issues).

We advise shareholders and management, both on governance questions and on the implementation of partnership agreements and asset and liability guarantees.

L&KA also helps companies to create and manage all of the relationships associated with their labour, economic, business and industrial environments.

We help to implement, negotiate, develop and carry out all types of trade agreements, such as:

  • Setting up B to B and B to C sales and purchasing terms and conditions;
  • Conducting distribution, franchising, outsourcing and services operations;
  • Managing relationships under commercial leases and asset transfers;
  • Managing and protecting intellectual property: copyrights, patents, trade marks and designs.

With this assistance, companies can be certain that the measures they have set up are legally sound and avoid the risk of litigation.