Individual and collective labour relations

Labour relations have a major impact on everyday corporate life, and can both drive and slow down activities. To contribute to employee motivation and well-being, the firm helps management to be continuously involved in social dialogue with the staff representative bodies and trade unions, based on respect for others, honest discussion and a co-operative search for constructive solutions.

The firm advises companies in setting up and managing the staff representative bodies, both daily and under more unusual circumstances (Group committees, Economic and social units, Works councils, CHSW, Staff representatives, etc.). It also advises the company on conducting trade union relations and negotiations.

The lawyers have expert knowledge on social partners and staff representative bodies, how they are structured, and the possible areas of government intervention (labour department, labour inspectorate), increasing effectiveness and responsiveness on this sensitive, shifting subject.

Negotiation is always the best option, but when circumstances dictate, the firm can provide expert litigation, drafting appropriate submissions and effective, powerful oral arguments.